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Vehicle chassis alignment


This is taken care of by using Black Hawk Korek jig and the latest measuring equipment,

the Car-O-Tronic Vision from Car-O-Liner

McLarens body shop is fully equipped with the latest equipment to repair modern manufactured vehicles.

Repair Data

Our technicians use Thatcham Escribe repair methods to ensure the vehicles are repaired to manufacturer’s specification.

Panel Bonding

With manufacturer’s increased use of bonding various metals and composite plastics in the construction  of vehicles, we use 3M products to bond the panels to their specification.

Our technicians have been trained & certified to AOM-030


We use world leading Wielander & Schill welding equipment. This enables us to weld and braze the high strength steel (HSS) and ultra high strength (UHS)

to manufacturer’s specification.



We use world leading Wielander & Schill blind riveting equipment. This enables us replicate the manufactures panel joining methods.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our panel technicians have the following ATA Qualifications

AOM-002 Cosmetic Panel Alignment

AOM-006 M.E.T. Complex

AOM-029 Panel Damage (Rectification)

AOM-030 Welded Panel/Section MAG/MIG Braze/ Bond/Rivet

AOM-032 Rectify Bodyshell Misalignment (set up, measure, adjust)

AOM-034 Aluminium Cosmetic Panel

AOM-048 Cold Filler Repair

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